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Visa Free Travel

A Visa authorizes an individual to enter a country, as permitted by an immigration official at the time of actual entry. The authorization may be a document, but is usually a stamp endorsed in the applicant’s passport. Certain nations do not require a visa under particular circumstances, as per mutual agreements. Whereas some countries independently grants passport free entry to citizens of few countries to promote tourism; while some permit diplomatic passport holders.
One cannot travel for business or pleasure to many countries in certain situations without a valid visa. Hence, you need a second passport from a country that approves visa free travel to several countries; through economic citizenships.

2nd Citizenship

Dominica is a wonderful island located near the Caribbean Sea with a pleasant weather throughout the year. It also has a world class offshore harbor for global business. Recently, the Government of Dominica has decided to offer 2nd citizenshipfor a moderate price; and rapidly sanctions genuine citizenship with valid passports to all successful applicants.

Second Citizenship Ltd. provides excellent, affordable and customized solutions to worldwide customers to achieve second nationality for a reasonable fee in a short period; that will help you for visa free travel to United Kingdom, Switzerland and the European Union.

Dual Nationality

Nowadays, international law does not restrict individuals to become legal citizens of two countries at the same time; such a status provides secondary citizenship or dual nationality.  It is a safe and swift method for people who desire freedom and security for self and their family; with great advantages via official methods.

A second passport has indisputable significance; it offers freedom from political domination or economic repression; it is also a privacy tool; helps reducing taxation liabilities; protects your assets; permits doing business; and above all gives you peace of mind.

Foreign Passport

Having a foreign passport and 2nd citizenship ensures higher travel safety, quick route for staying abroad and low or nil taxes of another nation. It is very useful for persons planning for migrating to the European Union or United States; planning to purchase a residence in European Union or the United States.
Obtaining dual nationality has now become very easy by payment for citizenship. You can also acquire nationality without residence in Dominica; through a unique economic citizenship program that aims to deliver legal foreign passports at cost effective rates.

Second Citizenship Ltd. is a Dominica based company offering professional services for Dominica citizenship, Dominica passport, secondary passport services and secondary citizenship services for Caribbean citizenship, European Union citizenship, American citizenship and US Citizenship.

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