Singapore Employment Pass Application Process

The Singapore Employment Pass (EP) is issued to foreign entrepreneurs, managing directors, and shareholders that will allow them to relocate and setup a business in the country.  However, this visa is also given to professionals, supervisors and managers, “key employees,” and workers with a highly specialized skill.

For professionals and high-ranking employees, these are the requirements for Singapore Employment Pass application:

– Professional qualifications and specialized skills

– A recognized college diploma from a reputable school

– Several years of work-related experience

– A fixed monthly salary rate of at least S$ 2,500

While these four factors are traditionally used by the authorities in making decision, an applicant’s salary, age, current citizenship, and his roles and responsibilities in a company may also determine his eligibility for this visa.

It is important to note that passing the educational criteria is not a 100 percent assurance that applicants are eligible for EP.  In some cases, MOM makes an exception particularly to those who have notable professional and specialized skills.

According to MOM, EP is categorized in to three types: the P1 Pass, P2 Pass, and Q1 Pass which are primarily determined by a person’s fixed monthly salary rate.

– P1 Pass – this visa is for applicants who are earning a fixed monthly salary of more than S$ 7,000.

– P2 Pass – this visa is for foreign individuals who are earning a fixed monthly salary ranging between S$ 3,500 and S$ 7,000.

– Q1 Pass – this work pass is for applicants who are earning not less than S$ 2,500.

Being an EP holder (regardless of the type) provides countless of advantages.  For instance, professionals and employees who have this visa are eligible for another type of work pass called the Personalized Employment Pass (PEP) which will allow them to change jobs for up to six months without having to renew their visa.

PEP, which is valid for five years, has a very notable advantage particularly when a person has lost his job; this visa allows him for up to six months to find a new job, unlike the EP in which he only has one month to find another work or else he must leave the country.

To qualify for PEP, P1 and P2 Pass holders should have at least two years of work experience on this visa, while the Q1 Pass holders should have worked for at least five years.  Meanwhile, foreign students from Singapore may also qualify for PEP as long as they have at least two years of work experience on a P or Q1



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