Pitch, Present, Perform: Essential Skills to Win at Business and Make Money

Pitch, Present, Perform: Essential Skills to Win at Business and Make Money
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Pitch, Present & Perform: Essential Skills To Win at Business and Make Money! Programmes run every Monday – maximum 6 participants on each programme (If you're thinking of investing precious funds in your personal development then you need to invest a few minutes in understanding what you're buying.  Less is not always more, so what we've done below is just to tell it like it is.) Welcome to Firefox. Our job is to make you successful. To do that, we will develop your skills in 3 key areas that are essential for anyone working in business today: the ability to communicate, to grow new business and to lead your team or organisation. We’ll also give you the skills and techniques to demonstrate clarity, brevity, and impact when interacting with your peers, colleagues or clients. We'll make you different, memorable and effective. This training will make you better. You'll learn how to out-perform your competitors every time.  We’ll help you stand out, engage others effectively, and get your message across. Please understand, there is no point in attending sales or business training training that makes you all behave, present and pitch all in the same way!  Indeed, why would you want to look, sound, and say exactly the same as your competitors?  If you really just want to be a presenter clone, then this programme is not for you. Our programmes are particularly suitable for those with any sort of client facing, leadership, sales, or business development roles or indeed, for anyone seeking to step-up to those roles in the future. In other words, if you’re working at the sharp end of your business, then this training is designed specifically for you.  This is career building professional development. Our programmes are absolutely relevant to the challenges of today’s business environment and they come with rare, powerful and individually authenticated endorsement from many highly demanding ‘blue chip’ organisations across the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia. Ask yourself if our competitors are offering that?   However, if you want professional training will you will give you the skills, confidence and expertise to:  1.  Demonstrate advanced communication and inter-personal skills that achieve clarity, brevity and impact. Result: Your performance will lift from 'standard' to 'exceptional'.  2.  Identify, structure, and deliver audience-focused content with key messages that are up-front, relevant, and have impact. Result: You will demonstrate your differential and out-perform your competitors.  3.  Demonstrate natural interpersonal skills and techniques that build genuine rapport and trust. Result: Your peers, clients and stakeholders will want to work with you.  4.  Demonstrate effective leadership skills that build on your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses. Result: Your leadership style will become far more natural, more effective and achieve positive results throughout your organisation.  How We Work  Firefox training is different. Our role is to embed high-end performance skills into your everyday life. To that end, the training will enhance your overall performance and then develop the sort of personal and professional qualities that your clients, staff, and stakeholders will recognise and value.  Our approach can be quite challenging. We use repeated video, peer, and expert review of your performance. This ensures that you’ll always be given a robust and constructive analysis of your performance that will serve to develop and improve you.  Towards the end of each programme, you will also have the opportunity to ‘pitch, present and perform’ to an audience of 'Academy Dragons'. These are recognised business leaders, often at CEO and Director level, who will come in and take on the role of your clients, senior executives, board members, or stakeholders. They will ask the difficult questions, assess your performance, and then provide their feedback, advice, and expertise. This is an innovative and unique experience. It will greatly enhance your self-confidence and give you powerful reassurance that these techniques will work for you.  We also record these final Dragon Den sessions on your own smartphone. This provides you with a valuable take-away of how you came across and the advice and recommendations you received from the Dragons.  Estimated value? Priceless. Our consultants are highly experienced senior professionals. Firefox Academy does not engage career trainers, retired actors, or re-cycled teachers. As a consequence, the training, coaching, and mentoring you receive will always come from a background of deep personal knowledge and genuine experience. It will not come from something we simply learnt from a book.  We ensure the training is all about your needs and expectations. You will receive advice from two, and often three consultants who will all understand the actual pressures and demands placed upon you. We know this team approach works and our clients like it. Indeed, many high profile CEOs and Directors have expressed their absolute confidence in our programmes as illustrated by the sample of personally authenticated testimonials shown below. Indeed, our past clients have always been our greatest salesmen.  Don’t come expecting the programme to be like something you may have done in the past. It isn't. The Baker's Dozen-13 Reasons for you to Invest in Quality Training  1.  Highly focused training providing the business skills and techniques to consistently out-perform your peers and competitors (no one else offers you this – their courses all work to make you the same as your competitors) 2.   The opportunity to challenge, test, and review your previous approach and thinking  3.   The opportunity to see how others perform and assess their different approaches  4.   The opportunity to cross-pollinate ideas and modus operandi across the group and then judge your own performance against that of your peers  5.   The opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them in a safe and controlled environment. At the Academy, ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’  6.    Robust and proven course content that is commercially relevant – learn today, use tomorrow  7.    Comprehensive follow-up notes that provide a life-long aide-memoire of best practice  8.    Detailed video review, with professional feedback and discussion  9.    The opportunity to road-test your performance up against the Academy Dragons. To receive comprehensive feedback, advice and guidance from highly experienced business leaders (no one else offers you this) 10.  The opportunity to undertake your training in the exclusive and high quality environment of The Western Australian Club. World class facilities, restaurant and Skyline bar. (no one else offers you this) 11.  The opportunity to network within an exclusive business environment (no one else offers you this) 12.  The opportunity to receive individual follow-up training at the 3 and 6-month point to ensure skills are improved, imbedded, and implemented. (no one else offers you this) 13.  Membership of the Academy’s Star Chamber enabling high-end introductions and the ability to leverage an exclusive business network. (no one else offers you this) How to Access Professional Development with Firefox Academy  Our programmes normally run over either one or two days, depending upon the course title. The two day programmes are each separated by about a week. You can join an open programme as an individual, or you can book your whole team on a bespoke programme run exclusively for your organisation. We only work with just 6-8 participants on each programme. Timings are normally 9am to 6pm.  The Perth venue is The Western Australian Club at Level 11,12, St George’s Terrace. Your fees include a full lunch in the Club restaurant and post course drinks at the club’s Skyline Bar.  In other locations, we operate from similar business clubs in major cities across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. We can of course operate in-house if that’s what you prefer. To learn more, discuss your requirements or just ask questions, please call one of our Directors on 0432 669 517 or 0455 488 842 or email nick@firefoxacademy.com.au What Our Clients Say About Us… (please note, none of our testimonials are anonymous. Our clients stand behind the quality and benefit of the training they have experienced).  John Poulsen – Managing Partner, Squire Patton Boggs‘  ''During my 35-years of experience as a lawyer I have attended numerous skills seminars and coaching programs but I have found this program to be the best by far. It has substantially increased my own personal confidence and I can strongly recommend this training to anyone’’.  Tracey Barnes, State Manager, St George Corporate Banking  ''Whilst we felt we were pretty good already, we found this coaching took each of us to a much higher level and gave us far greater confidence and poise to deliver our message with maximum impact!’'  Tim Foster – Managing Partner, Reed Smith (US Law Firm) in London  ''The coaching is both demanding and challenging, indeed exceptional, and left me with extremely valuable and commercially relevant lessons in how to present to our clients with much greater impact, both as regards my personal style, the content and the delivery of message''.  Craig Morley – CEO, Snowden Group  ‘’Snowden Group initially engaged with this program to sharpen the skills of some of our consultants. Very early on it was clear that the coaching Nick delivered was first class and the application of his methodologies would have a profound impact on our business. Snowden commenced using Nick right across our global organization to coach our staff in his unique blend of marketing, presentation and client interaction skills. The coaching has been extremely popular and is highly regarded.’’  Vin Brown – Past CEO, BDO Perth  ''….Nick has also worked with our Partner teams on the preparation of some critical client pitches. His input has proved to be invaluable and has quite probably been the catalyst for our success in winning or retaining client work in the face of stiff competition. His overall approach, the quality of his coaching and the results he achieves have certainly been unmatched by other training organizations or executive coaches that I have experienced’’.  Liam Twigger – Managing Director, PCF Capital  ''I can highly recommend Nick Sutton to any organization. PCF Capital Group under took the performance skills program and found the course to be informative, relevant, and extremely useful. We set about immediately implementing all the recommendations and have already found the results to be quite outstanding.''  Lorenzo Pacitti – Law Firm Partner, Ashurst  "I would thoroughly recommend Nick Sutton’s programs to anyone who is looking to maximise their impact at important client meetings or presentations more generally. Overall, despite my extremely busy schedule as a law firm partner I found working with Nick was certainly time well spent’’.  Peter Hunt, Group CEO at Hewshott International  ‘’We finally agreed to ‘take the plunge’ and go through the intensive Firefox training, which took my COO and I out of the office for 2 days. Engineers don’t normally respond well to ‘soft’ skills training, but Nick and his team broke through those perception barriers, and dissected and rebuilt our approach from the ground up in a logical, tangible way that we never thought possible. To all technical people out there, do this – it will switch on so many light bulbs in your head you’ll have the way forward lit up for ever.’’  Christian Goldsmith – Senior Executive, Fortis Investments in London  ''Nick Sutton has worked with our people right across the Asset Management departments in London, Amsterdam and Brussels and the feedback and results achieved were all entirely positive and the benefits have been long lasting. Having personally experienced several other workshops delivered by leading companies in both presentation skills and media management, I can safely say that Nick’s training has been by far the most productive. His workshops are enjoyable, entirely relevant, and heavily results-oriented. Nick clearly understood the needs of our business and so rather than providing the usual ‘one size fits all’ training course, he provided tailored, and result-oriented training. Nick certainly delivers outstanding results, he is highly personable and displays absolute integrity in everything he does. I would strongly recommend him to any business seeking first class professional development training for their executive teams at any level’.  Call us on 0432 669 517
at The WA Club
101 Saint Georges Terrace
Perth, Australia

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