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A quantity of master data files in MM need a substantial quantity of understanding, not only on the part of the SAP advisor but also on the part of the SAP buyer. When implementing SAP, consumers are normally transitioning from 1 or more legacy systems. A important facet of any implementation is the conversion of information to the master data files in SAP.

A fundamental indicator of a effective implementation is the degree to which the information has been appropriately converted into the SAP master information files. In this chapter, we will examine the master data files that are integral to the practice of MM. The following sections examine every single of the master information files in the MM module, and the required configuration measures for the creation of master data are described.

When consumers implement SAP, they are typically overwhelmed by the data contained in the Materials Master file. When clients examine their existing programs, such as BPICS, JDEdwards, or Lawson, they discover that their solution or material files include a fraction of the information contained in the SAP Materials Master.

The Material Master transaction allows the consumers to enter all the info appropriate to a distinct item of material into the correct tables. The Materials Master is not just one particular file, but a quantity of tables that incorporate information that mixed reflect all the data for that material.

Several tables are updated when data is entered into the Material Master transaction. The Materials Master transaction is structured so that there are entry screens for different functional details objects this kind of as Getting, Income, or Accounting, but there is also an organizational dimension to information entry. The material information can be entered at every single level of the organization, for example, at the levels of plant, storage spot, or product sales organization.

An problem that SAP customers can face when converting their item files above to the Materials Master is whether or not to keep their legacy numbering scheme by continuing to enter their personal material numbers. Consumers have the alternative of permitting SAP to immediately assign material numbers.

Often, legacy systems have meaningful material numbering. This numbering has generally been in location for some time, and personnel are acquainted with the numbering. For the simplicity of maintenance, automatic assignment of material numbers is the greatest option. When functioning with your client, be aware that there are arguments to use and not to use a meaningful numbering scheme in SAP.

The materials quantity area is defined in configuration. Utilizing the Transaction OMSL or the navigation path IMG Logistics – Basic Material Master Fundamental Settings Define Output Format for Materials Numbers.

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