Maplestory Dragon Master Evan Class

Maple Story’s newest class, “Dragon Master Evan” debuted at Gstar 2009 on November 25th in Busan. It will officially be scheduled to be up to date with the newest articles in December. Men and women at Gstar 2009 can previously consider out the new class.


The new class “Evan” are an elemental “Dragon Trainers” class that fought alongside the Aran to defeat the Black Magician. Evan is the name of the dragon. What we know so far about this new class is that a Dragon will be provided to you that evolves as you degree up. The dragon does all the attacking for you and evolves as you level up. Thats pretty unique right? Here is the breakdown of the Evan class:



Int and Luk are required for Stats The expertise are created and utilised by Evan, the dragon Their max degree is 200 It seems like this is one more class released to have fought against the black magician along with Aran.


At the planning stages of Dragon Master Evan, Contents Staff leader Kang Won Ji explained, “the Dragon is entertaining to manipulate, as nicely as a assortment of capabilities and a strong house Celebration buff that offers functions such as Evan also be adequate to appeal to the focus of the user himself.”


The dragon have ’10 masters’ or evolve,if you want.You acquire new abilities when the dragon evolve,Plus you do not want to go throught job advance,has it evolves primarily based on ranges.


From some infos someplace,i heard their magic guard was nerfed No mp eater/mp increase expertise as well.


They can deal Crucial Harm,in contrast to other mages.You get the essential talent at 6th master(Lvl 60)


They also have all kind of magics,gained throught these numerous master advances.


Masters lvl:

1st Master: lvl ten 2nd Master : degree 20 3rd Master : level 30 4th Master : degree 40 5th Master : degree 50 6th Master : level 60 7th Master : level 80 8th Master : level a hundred 9th Master : degree 120 10th Master : degree 160


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