Make Sure Atms Are Widely Available Before You Use A Debit Card To Transfer Money To Philippines

The Philippines is known for being quite up-to-date when it comes to technology, as many of its banks use Internet and cell phone banking. In fact, many also offer the “Smart Money” debit card, which is a MasterCard meant to be used in this country. Thus, the area and its residents are quite familiar with debit cards and ATMs, so you might consider using a prepaid debit card to transfer money to Philippines.

As your relative is likely aware of, ATMs can be found nearly everywhere in this area, especially in larger cities like Manila, Davao, and Cebu. They may be attached to banks, such as Asiatrust Bank, Banco Filippino, or Asian Development Bank. The ATMs may also be independent, and they are usually open everyday. However, some ATMs in this country do run out of money, especially on the usual pay day or on weekends. This means that your relative should likely withdraw money using their prepaid debit card on weekdays to ensure that they can get money out when they need it. Additionally, it is important for your relative to know that many ATMs impose a daily limit of about 4000 Philippine pesos when it comes to withdrawals.

Of course, if they cannot remove money when they want to, they do have the option of paying bills and purchasing products with the prepaid debit card. Since some companies in the area allow online bill pay, it is possible to input the card numbers online to pay bills, just as most people in the United States do. Additionally, since merchants and residents alike in the Philippines are used to cards, most retailers do accept them, especially in larger cities like Manila or Davao. This means that your relative can purchase groceries, gas, and other necessities when you transfer money to Philippines using a prepaid debit card. However, many facilities do charge a fee equal to about 7.5 percent of the total transaction when shoppers use a credit or debit card, so your relative should find out if this is the case before shopping.

Clearly, sending money to Philippines with a debit card is quite possible, and is likely to be convenient for your relative. As long as they know the regulations associated with ATMs and retailers who accept cards, they should be happy with this technique. Of course, talking to your relative before you transfer money to Philippines using a prepaid debit card may be your best bet to make sure they are comfortable with this method.

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