How to Keep Track of Coupon Offers

Congratulations on adding coupon offers to your marketing campaign. Its a wise thing to do and very popular these days. All types of people are actively searching for deals, discounts, special offers, and just something for nothing, Times are tough.

You have done your homework, researched your market, figured out how much you could afford to spend on this offer, created it, printed it, and published it for the world to see. You might even have it posted on an online coupon website, which is a very positive and popular step these days. Now you sit back and wait for the results. It is with a hopeful attitude that you wait for the throngs of customers to walk into your place of business, with coupon in hand.

But how do yo keep track of your offers? And more importantly where they are coming from. If you are like most business owners, your have published more than one offer, in more than one resource. You need to identify the various offers and where they are coming from, so you can understand where you are getting a return on your advertising dollars. In other words, which newspapers, magazines, flyers, or online sources are working and producing results.

One way to do this is by adding a bar code to your coupon. You can have different bar codes for different advertising media. A second way to to put a coupon code on the face of the coupon. A third way is to make the coupon valid only at a certain location if your have more than one store. A fourth way is to color code your coupons (different colors for different offers and stores). Color coding is an interesting option because not only do you find out where your coupon is coming from, you also learn which color combination’s your customers respond to the best. Color headings that coordinate with your logo colors and a white text area seem to work well, as they are easy to read.

You need to have your employees aware that there are coupon offers out there and make sure that you have an organized way of accounting for the coupons as they come into your store. This also includes mail in offers
as well.

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