African Mango Review & Verified by Dr. Oz ? The Reasons

Have you ever wondered why Dr. Oz, a renowned figure in the health industry, is highly recommending the use of the African mango health product?  Here are the reasons why:

African Mango Review & Verified by Dr. Oz – Reason Number 1

Dr. Oz knows that everything in the product is natural.  That is reason number 1.  There are products that claim 100% natural composition, but the truth is, they include ingredients that are synthetically made.  We need a product African Mango especially during this time when people are wary about health products that have too much unnatural chemicals.  

Now, when you go through health products and found some very unfamiliar ingredient names there, make sure that you research on these ingredients with the purpose of knowing whether they are synthetic or not.  If some of these ingredients can be synthetically produced, check if the product is directly sourcing the ingredients from natural sources.  

With your research, also include searching for facts about the African mango.  Undoubtedly, after this, you will be 100% convinced that this weight loss product is perfectly natural.

African Mango Review & Verified by Dr. Oz – Reason Number 2

The African mango fruit is packed with vitamins and minerals.  We are not sure if Dr. Oz has said something to that effect.  But we can assume that he knows well how nutritious the African mango is.  Here are the vitamins and minerals contained in every 100 grams edible portion of the fruit.  

•  Fat – 67 g
•  Iron – 2.4 mg
•  Calcium – 120 mg
•  Water – 4 g
•  Carbohydrates – 15 g
•  Protein – 8.5 g

Now for the pulp, this is the nutritive value / 100 grams edible fruit pulp portion:

•  Vitamin C – 7 mg
•  Carbohydrate – 15.7 g
•  Water – 81 g
•  Phosphorus – 40 mg
•  Fat – 0.2 g
•  Protein – 0.9 g
•  Calcium – 20 mg
•  Iron – 2 mg

Now about energy content, per 100 g of edible portion of the fruit contains 2918 kJ while 100 g of edible portion of fruit pulp can give 255 kJ.  This tremendous amount of energy can fully substitute for the energy loss caused by the ability of this fruit to slow down sugar absorption in the body.

African Mango Review & Verified by Dr.

Oz – Reason Number 3

Reason number 3 is all about the ability of this product to effect weight loss.  According to research, African mango fruit demonstrates capacity to improve blood test results among obese people, and that it has a greater capacity to effect weight loss than placebo.  Significant reductions in weight, hip circumference, waist circumference and systolic BP were noted in people who are using African mango.  

The Main Reason

If you get to research about the safeness and the effectiveness of this product, do gather information about the fiber content of the product. We haven’t mentioned this until know – the main reason for the product’s ability to control and reduce weight is its fiber content.  It is not the vitamins and minerals content.  It is not the energy content.  It’s the fiber content.  To know more about this, attend Dr. Oz’s seminars or catch him on TV.

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