3rd GPF Executive Workshop on Investment Strategies for Green / Brown Field Port Projects, Feb 7-8, 2018, Dubai. 10th Anniversary Special. Pay for One participant, another One comes free. No other promotion applicable.

3rd GPF Executive Workshop on Investment Strategies for Green / Brown Field Port Projects, Feb 7-8, 2018, Dubai. 10th Anniversary Special. Pay for One participant, another One comes free. No other promotion applicable.
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Global Ports Forum presents – 3rd GPF Executive Workshop on Investment Strategies for Green / Brown Field Port Projects, February 7-8, 2018 Dubai March 06-07,2018 Singapore April 12-13, 2018 Melbourne Dear industry colleagues 10th Anniversary Special. Pay for One participant, another One comes free. No other promotion applicable. SIGN UP TODAY ! About the Course:   This two days training program is focused on Pre­commencement of Port business usually about 3 years in advance of intended start­up. Port business is a capital intensive and long term project with relatively high gestation period. A long period prior to commencement of the business, a lot of preparations on part of the promoters and investors and all related stake holders are essential. Objective of this program is to provide a clear perspective and development horizons of the Port Project to the decision makers and supporting personnel responsible for the Project.    Deliverables: At the end of this course, the participants will be able to: Identify elements of Maritime Infrastructure and estimate investment required. Understand National PPP policy for Maritime Infrastructure Development. Analyze Model Concession Agreement to make them more Investment friendly. Learn the elements of Detailed Project Report for a Port Project Prepare Hinterland Mapping for a Port Location Work out Business Volume Forecast for Port with logical assumptions Arrive at a basic financial model for Port Project Report   Methodology:   A combination of Class room Training, Interactive workshops, Individual and group case studies will be used. Participants will be provided with advance study / reading material on each topic covered under deliverables. Policy Related: Each participant will be encouraged to prepare and make a presentation in accordance with participant’s regional geo­economic conditions, national policies and local practices. Group studies will be done based on inputs from individual presentation and group findings will be presented during the interactive discussions. Group discussions will be duly moderated. These group discussions would enable the participants to arrive at comparative analysis of: Maritime Infrastructure, Investment options and PPP practices, Concession Agreements / investment friendly incentives in different parts of the globe. Project Investment and Appraisal Related: Participants will be provided with a blank structure of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for a Port. Thereafter, they will select a port location form their region and prepare natural hinterland which is targeted for generating cargo volume for the port. While preparing Hinterland Mapping, each participant will take into account outputs from Mineral, Agriculture, Manufactured goods and existing infrastructure linkages with the Port location. When possible, participants will also include planned linkages. The linkages cover Pipelines, rail and road network.  Based on Hinterland Mapping for each participant’s region, groups of participants will prepare business volume forecasts for the port project. Case study will be provided for a group exercise to prepare Financial Model for a Port project. In order to create real­life simulation, periodic variations in business volume / revenue may be introduced during the Financial modelling exercise. Structure: The course is structured in four sessions: Session1: This covers Port Development Perspective and Elements of Maritime Infrastructure. Level of port infrastructure and investment required in order to cater to the market requirement. It will also address the National PPP Policy for Port infrastructure development. Session 2: This session covers Concession Agreements for Port Development. In order to attract private investments for Port development, most of the maritime nations offer attractive terms under Concession Agreements for port development. Draft / model Concession Agreements from different regions will be analysed and discussed in the interactive session. Session 3: Assessment of market and estimation of business volume for the port is the fundamental and first step in the process of port development. This session covers methodology and structure of market assessment. It also covers mapping of port’s hinterland, identification of infrastructure linkages, competition analysis and preparing USP for the proposed port. Business Volume consists of traffic in metric tons and revenue which form the basis of further evaluation and preparation of Financial Model and Detailed Project Report. Session 4: This session addresses the subject of Financial Modelling. Based on the inputs from earlier sessions, basic financial model for the port project will be prepared by the participants themselves. This will be done by way of a group case study in which participants will be encouraged to make Business Volume estimation, detailed costs of the project, Income – Expenditure – Profit & Loss and arrive at Financial viability of the Port investment. Financial results of alternate investment options help the decision makers to arrive at optimum decisions in Green / Brown field Port Projects.       Endorsement for the executive workshop from past participants: “Excellent workshop – case study was related to real port developments & operations. We get to appreciate strategic investment feasibility.” Ahmad Damanhury Bin Ibrahim, Head of Ports Projects, Westports Malaysia Sdn Bhd “We got to understand measurement of lease payment to port authority, leant the need of detailed port project and understand the prerequisite of information to engage the government involved for concession agreement.” Veeranaidu A/L Ramandu, Head of Finance, Westports Malaysia Sdn Bhd “Learnt the full processes involved in investment decision making and had the chance to interact among the participants and understand further on the few key areas of greenfield/brown field port projects.” Vijaya Kumar A/L S Puspowanam, Head of Marketing (Container & Conventional), Westports Malaysia Sdn Bhd     Who should attend: Port Authorities; Port / Terminal developers, Port operators; Port investors, Banks, PE, Financial Institutions; Port Service providers; Shipping Companies, Forwarders, Logistics companies, Intermodal Service providers; Port Equipment Suppliers; Port Designers / Planners; Port Consultants       About the Course Director: This program will be conducted by Mr. Mukesh Parikh who is associated with Global Maritime Industry for over 35 years. Mr. Mukesh Parikh has a distinction of having hands on Maritime Industry experience with continuous involvement in Training and Development throughout his distinguished career. Mr. Mukesh Parikh has a post graduate degree in Management with specialization in Marketing and Finance. He attended one year training program Professional Shipping at Norwegian Shipping Academy, Oslo. During his career of 18 years in the Commercial Shipping, he was associated with UNCTAD/UNDP as a Trainer and Course developer. He attended two weeks instructors Workshop (Training for Trainers) organized by UNCTAD / UNDP in collaboration with The Ministry of Transport and Ports in Malaysia at Penang Port Commission. He conducted a number of training Programs in the Middle East, South East Asia and Indian subcontinent including developing a training program on General Shipping Management for Arab Maritime Transport Academy, Sharjah, UAE;  covering shipping subjects. A sound foundation of Shipping Industry and clear understanding of market and customer requirement and expectations from service providers enabled Mr. Mukesh Parikh to build the next phase of his career in Ports and Terminal Industry.         He joined The Adani Group in Senior Management position at the inception stage of Mundra Port in India and made a major contribution to set up Business Development and Marketing Team as well as Establish Standard OperatingProcedures for the entire spectrum of Operations in the Port. He successfully built marketing and operations teams and trained them. His next role was Chief Operating Officer of Sterling Port for setting up integrated Port Facilities at Dahej Port. All stages of Green Field Port development were covered – From site selection to Feasibility, Environment Impact Assessment and Environment clearance for the project, Detailed Project Report, Concession Agreement with Authorities for development of Port infrastructure and facilities on Build, Own, Operate and Transfer model.  Since July 2014, Mr. Mukesh Parikh has taken up advisory and consultancy role for The Maritime Industry. His assignments cover Business volume estimation and hinterland mapping with competition analysis, Revenue forecasts for the life of the project and financial modelling, investment optimization in line with market potential; Commercial and legal aspects of logistics, cargo handling, warehousing contracts; business excellence and standardization of operating procedures; Organization development, structuring and Manpower planning and training.   Costs:   10th Anniversary Special. Pay for One participant, another One comes free. No other promotion applicable. On or Before 7 Dec 2017:               The ‘Early Bird’ Rate is USD2895 – Save USD600! Special Offer! – 3 Delegates For The Price of 2 in This Category! Save USD95!   • From 8 Dec 2017:                          The Regular Rate is USD 95 Special Offer! – 3 Delegates For The Price of 2 in This Category! Save USD 95!  Note: All fees stated include luncheons, refreshments and complete set of documentation. It does not include the cost of accommodation and travel.   REGISTER NOW! To register, please submit the following details to thomasng@globalportsforum.com: Name: Position: Organisation: Address: Tel: Fax: Email: What Best Describes Your Industry Sector?: Billing information:   For cheque payments: To be made payable to 'Global Ports Forum Pte. Ltd.' Please do not send post-dated cheque.   For telegraphic transfers:    Account Name:             Global Ports Forum Pte. Ltd.,    Account No. :                695 477 141 001.  Beneficiary Bank:          Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited, Singapore. (Swift: OCBCSGSG),                                     Address : 65 Chulia Street #01-00, OCBC Centre, Singapore 049513.   Please supply confirmation via email of the TT from your bank. Transmitting bank charges must be paid by sender. Please quote both delegate and company name as reference.   Kindly note that as we are providing a special rate for ‘early bird’ sign up, we will need to receive your company payment by 7 Dec 2017 to enjoy the discount.   Details of GPF executive workshops/forums in the upcoming few months include: 1.  Global Ports Forum announces the Launch of the Certified Global Port Manager (CGPM) Program. http://globalportsforum.com/certified-global-port-manager-cgpm/   2. GPF Executive Workshop on Dredging Techniques and Construction Management for Ports & Terminals, October 9-10, 2017, Singapore http://globalportsforum.com/forthcoming-gpf-executive-programmes/gpf-executive-workshop-on-dredging-techniques-and-construction-management-for-ports-23-24-sep-17-dubai-uae/   3. 3rd GPF Executive Workshop on Investment Strategies for Green / Brown Field Port Projects, Oct 10-11, 2017, Singapore http://globalportsforum.com/forthcoming-gpf-executive-programmes/3rd-executive-workshop-on-investment-strategies-for-green-brown-field-port-projects-17-18-apr-2017-capetown-south-africa/   4. GPF Executive Workshop on Coal Terminals Supply Chain Developments, Trends and Operations, October 12-13, 2017 Singapore http://globalportsforum.com/forthcoming-gpf-executive-programmes/15378-2/   5. 3rd Executive Workshop on Multi-Purpose Terminal Business & Operations, Oct 12-13, 2017, Singapore http://globalportsforum.com/forthcoming-gpf-executive-programmes/15711-2/   6. GPF Executive Workshop on Cybersecurity for Ports & Terminals, October 16-17, 2017, Singapore http://globalportsforum.com/forthcoming-gpf-executive-programmes/gpf-executive-workshop-on-cybersecurity-for-ports-terminals-october-16-17-2017-singapore/   7. GPF Executive Workshop on Excel in Developing, Implementing & Managing Service Level Agreements, October 21-22, 2017, Singapore http://globalportsforum.com/forthcoming-gpf-executive-programmes/gpf-executive-workshop-on-excel-in-developing-implementing-managing-service-level-agreements-july-1-2-2017-singapore/ 8. Singapore to host the 3rd Global Ports Forum, 25-26 Oct 2017, Singapore. Superb Content, Excellent Networking & Trusted GPF Platform. Register Today! http://globalportsforum.com/4th-gpf-singapore-25-26-oct-17/   9. GPF Executive Workshop on Excellence in Public-Private Partnership Infrastructure Contracts for Non-Legal Professionals – Practical Understanding of Legal and Common Commercial Clauses, Oct 28-29, 2017, Singapore http://globalportsforum.com/forthcoming-gpf-executive-programmes/gpf-executive-workshop-on-excellence-in-public-private-partnership-infrastructure-contracts-for-non-legal-professionals-practical-understanding-of-legal-and-common-commercial-clauses-july-29-30-2/ 10. 2nd Executive Workshop on Bulk Liquid Terminals, Commercial & Operational Excellence, November 6-7,2017 Singapore http://globalportsforum.com/forthcoming-gpf-executive-programmes/2nd-executive-workshop-on-bulk-liquid-terminals-commercial-operational-excellence-august-14-15-2017-singapore/   11. GPF Executive Workshop on Excellence in Negotiating & Managing Contracts, Nov 9-10 2017 Singapore http://globalportsforum.com/forthcoming-gpf-executive-programmes/executive-workshop-on-excellence-in-negotiating-managing-contracts-nov-9-10-2017-singapore/   12. 3rd GPF Executive Workshop on Investment Strategies for Green / Brown Field Port Projects, November   09-10, 2017   Melbourne http://globalportsforum.com/forthcoming-gpf-executive-programmes/3rd-gpf-executive-workshop-on-investment-strategies-for-green-brown-field-port-projects-september-23-24-2017-dubai-uae/   13. 2nd Executive Workshop on Effective Concession Agreements for Ports & Terminals, November       16-17, 2017, Melbourne http://globalportsforum.com/forthcoming-gpf-executive-programmes/executive-workshop-on-effective-concession-agreements-for-ports-terminals-24-25-april-2017-singapore/   14. GPF Executive Workshop on Use of Automated Guided Vehicles and drones in Ports and Terminals, November 16-17, 2017 Melbourne http://globalportsforum.com/forthcoming-gpf-executive-programmes/gpf-executive-workshop-on-use-of-automated-guided-vehicles-and-drones-in-ports-and-terminals-september-23-24-2017-dubai/   15. 5th GPF Executive Workshop on Ports Financing and Investing, November 20-21, 2017, Singapore http://globalportsforum.com/forthcoming-gpf-executive-programmes/5th-gpf-executive-workshop-on-ports-financing-and-investing-november-20-21-2017-singapore/   16. 2nd GPF Executive Workshop on Reefer Container Logistics, Nov 20-21, 2017, Singapore http://globalportsforum.com/forthcoming-gpf-executive-programmes/exclusively-by-global-ports-forum-2nd-gpf-executive-workshop-on-reefer-container-logistics-july-20-21-2017-singapore/   17. GPF Executive Workshop on Cruise Development for Destinations, November 22-24, 2017, Singapore http://globalportsforum.com/forthcoming-gpf-executive-programmes/gpf-executive-workshop-on-cruise-development-for-destinations-september-25-27-2017-barcelona-spain/   18. 3rd GPF Executive Workshop on Strategic Planning for Ports & Terminals, 28-29 Nov 17, Singapore. http://globalportsforum.com/forthcoming-gpf-executive-programmes/2nd-gpf-executive-workshop-on-strategic-planning-for-ports-terminals-28-29-nov-17-singapore/   19. 2nd GPF Executive Program on Global Ports Management, Dec 4-8, 2017, Melbourne http://globalportsforum.com/forthcoming-gpf-executive-programmes/2nd-gpf-executive-program-on-global-ports-management-december-04-08-2017-melbourne/   20. 3rd Executive Workshop on InterModal Solutions  – Value Creation, USP identification & Market Positioning for Ports & Terminals, Dec 14-15, 2017, Melbourne, Australia       http://globalportsforum.com/forthcoming-gpf-executive-programmes/3rd-executive-workshop-on-intermodal-solutions-value-creation-usp-identification-market-positioning-for-ports-terminals-october-27-28-2017-singapore/   21. GPF Executive Workshop on Bulk Liquid Terminals – A Comprehensive Overview for potential Investors in Bulk Liquid Terminals, January  18-19, 2018, Singapore http://globalportsforum.com/forthcoming-gpf-executive-programmes/2nd-gpf-executive-workshop-on-bulk-liquid-terminals-a-comprehensive-overview-for-potential-investors-in-bulk-liquid-terminals-january-18-19-2018-singapore/   22. 2nd GPF Executive Program on Global Ports Management, February 11-15, 2018 Dubai http://globalportsforum.com/2nd-gpf-executive-program-on-global-ports-management-february-11-15-2018-dubai-uae/   23. 2nd GPF Executive Workshop on Advanced Shipping Business, Feb 21-22, 2018, Dubai, United Arab Emirates http://globalportsforum.com/forthcoming-gpf-executive-programmes/2nd-gpf-executive-workshop-on-advanced-shipping-business-september-23-24-2017-dubai-united-arab-emirates/   24. Dubai to host the 4th Global Ports Forum from 21-22 February 2018. Superb Content, Excellent Networking & Trusted GPF Platform. Register Today! http://globalportsforum.com/5th-gpf-dubai-21-22-feb-18/   25. H. E. Mohammed Sharaf, Asst Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation for Economic and Trade Affairs of United Arabs Emirates & the retired Group CEO of Dubai Ports World Group (2005 to Jan 2016) had consented to be the Guest Of Honor for the Awards Dinner. Come Join us with Achievers of Ports/Terminals Excellence at 2018 Global Ports Forum Awards, 22 Feb 2018, Dubai, United Arabs Emirates http://globalportsforum.com/nominations-open-2018-global-ports-forum-awards-2222018/   26. 3rd Executive Workshop on Multi-Purpose Terminal Business & Operations, February      21-22, 2018   Dubai, UAE http://globalportsforum.com/forthcoming-gpf-executive-programmes/15711-2/   27. 2nd GPF Executive Program on Global Ports Management, Feb 26 – Mar 2, 2018, Singapore http://globalportsforum.com/forthcoming-gpf-executive-programmes/2nd-gpf-executive-program-on-global-ports-management-feb-26-mar-02-2018-singapore/   28.  2nd GPF Executive Program on Global Ports Advanced Management, 14-23 May 2018  + Port visits 3 days 24-26 May 2018, Singapore http://globalportsforum.com/16370-2/   29. 2nd GPF Executive Program on Global Ports Management, 14-18 May, 2018, Singapore http://globalportsforum.com/forthcoming-gpf-executive-programmes/15782-2/   30. 2nd GPF Executive Program on Global Ports Management, Sept 30 – Oct 04, 2018 Dubai http://globalportsforum.com/forthcoming-gpf-executive-programmes/2nd-executive-program-on-global-ports-management-17-september-to-21-september-2017-dubai-united-arab-emirates/   31. 2nd GPF Executive Program on Global Ports Advanced Management, September 30 – October 09, 2018 + Port visits 3 days 10-11 October 2018, Dubai UAE http://globalportsforum.com/forthcoming-gpf-executive-programmes/2nd-gpf-executive-program-on-global-ports-advanced-management-02-october-to-11-october-2017-port-visits-3-days-12-14-october-2017-singapore/       Looking forward to welcome you to our executive workshops/forums.    Kind regards Thomas Ng Chairman The Global Ports Forum   GLOBAL PORTS FORUM PTE. LTD. 10 Anson Road #26-04 International Plaza Singapore 079903   Website: http://www.globalportsforum.com/   Mobile: +65 9684 3289 DID:    +65 65197662 Fax:    +65 6725 8438 Email:  thomasng@globalportsforum.com Terms & Conditions: No delegate registration will be accepted without completing registration details and full payment. Upon receipt of your registration details and full payment, further programme information will be emailed to you including your proforma invoice and, if required, a letter of invitation for entry visa application. Delegates will not be admitted unless payment has been received in Full. Flights, Airport Transfers and Accommodation are not included in your delegate registration fee. Refund Policy – a reimbursement of the registration fee, minus administrative charges will only be made if the participant has notified Global Ports Forum Pte. Ltd. in writing that he/she is unable to attend the event no less than 45 days prior to the commencement of the event. No cancellation is allowed after that, but a replacement with another participant is allowed. This programme is subject to change without notice, E&O.E.
at Hyatt Regency Dubai
Al Khaleej Road,Deira Corniche,Deira – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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