3-Part Series: QA 1 – Educational Program and Practice (Wantirna South)

3-Part Series: QA 1 – Educational Program and Practice (Wantirna South)
Event on 2013-10-23 18:00:00

Please Note: This session is a repeat of the session offered in Semester 1

3-Part Series: QA 1 – Educational Program and Practice (Wantirna South)


Session Dates*

Part 1: 6pm – 9pm Wed 23 Oct

Part 2: 6pm – 9pm Mon 11 Nov

Part 3: 6pm – 9pm Mon 2 Dec

* This professional development series will be held over three dates. Register for the first date and you will be automatically registered to attend the second and third sessions. Payment includes all three sessions.

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Designed for

All educators, all service types


The National Quality Standard places a specific emphasis on educational program and practice. Each child’s learning and development must be assessed as part of an ongoing cycle that includes planning, documenting and evaluation. A play-based, child focused curriculum ensures that children in education and care settings experience high quality teaching and learning. In this series educators will explore a variety of strategies to collect, document, organise, synthesise and interpret the information that they gather to assess children’s learning (EYLF & FSAC, p.17).

Learning outcomes

Part one: Using an approved learning framework

  • Broaden knowledge of using an approved learning framework and the three inter-related elements: Principles, Practice and Learning Outcomes
  • Develop Strategies to observe and record children's learning and behaviour to inform educational planning 

Part two: Intentional teaching

  • Develop strategies to be deliberate, purposeful and thoughtful in decisions and actions
  • Gain insights into how intention is demonstrated in practice and how this reflects on outcomes for children
  • Deepen understanding of how to ‘notice’ what children are interested in and follow this up in the educational program

Part three: Assessment for learning

  • Develop strategies to plan effectively for children's current and future learning
  • Deepen understandings of how to evaluate the effectiveness of learning opportunities, environments and experiences offered
  • Reflect on contemporary understandings of pedagogy

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Non-eligible service fee 0.00 GST incl

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